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326 Ovens Park Rd
Riverport, Nova Scotia, B0J 2W0


Ovens Dusk from fence Panorama.jpg


Ovens Natural Park is a privately owned 190 acre pristine reserve of coastal forest, located on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, along the scenic Lighthouse Route.



An Unforgettable Eco-Adventure:

Every year, thousands of park visitors hike the spectacular trails along the cliffs to view the famous sea caves, or "Ovens" for which the park was named.  Day visitors find solace in the paths and trails that meander along the Atlantic coast line.  Pack a picnic lunch with your favourite snacks or enjoy a refreshing meal in our licensed restaurant, just a stone's throw from the mouth of Lunenburg Bay.


• Where to Begin •

The unique geology and dramatic beauty of the Ovens Park has drawn a diverse group of people to this lovely destination year after year. People seem to find their own resonance and releases here at the home of Nova Scotia's oldest legend (Indian Cave), here among the 150 year-old scars and implements of the 1861 gold rush, where the sea still echoes of vague references to rum-running (not so rare in this area) and Captain Kidd, and where the Cunard family laid claim to most our beach and then eventually removed it. Wow!


• Camping on the Ocean •

During our 75 years of camping experience, families have been drawn to the incredible beauty, diverse geography, fascinating history, and spiritual solace that make The Ovens Park so unique.  The smell of campfires amid the historic setting takes one back to a simpler time, a welcome respite in a world that's constantly changing. Our vintage campground is a delicate and natural environment and we are pleased to share it's splendor with the public. We keep a close watch on the health of the park and the impact our activities have on it. Our decision to down scale to vintage type trailers or RVs under 30 feet in length will help in the preservation of the property.  We believe this regulation will help in reducing our carbon footprint and will help in preserving the flora and fauna for the enjoyment of generations to come.  

• Seaside Cabins •

Location, Location, Location

Our rustic and well appointed camping cabins give you the most trouble-free home base from which to experience all the natural, historical, and cultural activities that the park presents.  Whether you're a geologist coming to view the Ovens Anticline or a nature lover just taking in the ocean air, the park provides a one-of-a-kind adventure and sense of discovery for you.  

Upcoming Musical Events

Our annual Chapin Family Concert  Saturday, August 15, 2020 7:30 pm (doors open at 7 pm)

Location: Lunenburg Opera House, 290 Lincoln St., Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C9



7th Annual Knotty by Nature September 7th, 2019 —CANCELLED






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