Ovens Natural Park

The park features nine housekeeping cabins ranging from our two bedroom log cabins with fireplaces and full baths, to comfortable two bedroom family cabins and pine lined kitchenette studios for couples and small families. For details on rates, check out our rates page. Cabin #9
One of our Log Cabins. (8 & 9)

Cabin #7
Cabins 5,6 &7

The Ovens Natural Park
326 Ovens Road
PO Box 38
Riverport, Nova Scotia Canada
Phone 902.766.4621
E-Mail: info@ovenspark.com
More information at www.ovenspark.tumblr.com
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* Note: If you have a question or if your e-mail does not get answered, please call the office during the season (May 15 - September 27) at 902.766.4621